Kerbedanz's Esperanza Classic, The Quintessential Pink

Press Release

Kerbedanz's Esperanza Classic, The Quintessential Pink

Whether it is masterfully familiar with the watchmaking mother-complications or en- gaging in a few variations of precious-stones set on a background of jewellery-mak- ing know-how, KERBEDANZ brand with this art piece takes up the challenge of a pink with infinite delights.

Today, KERBEDANZ's inspiration takes a stroll through the pink color, that is, through happiness, tenderness, supreme femininity, the sweetness of an early morning sunrise, delicacy and voluptuousness. And always, this symbolism and legends that define this ultimate watchmaking signature based in Neuchâtel, Switzerland...

Set-paved with pink sapphires

When our gaze sweeps over the dial of this watchmaking art piece, a KERBEDANZ Esperanza, it is taken away by the 10 carats of pink sapphires that surround its fully stone-set bezel.... It is difficult not to be pleased, in addition to remembering Grace Jones' masterful interpretation of La Vie En Rose, of the 15,000 flowers of the Rose Garden in Los Angeles French District.

Kerbedanz Esperanza Classic Pink

The rhythm and perfume are both throbbing and hypnotic, the crown winding is in the northeast, as if it were necessary to allude to some invisible earthly axis, a well balanced and harmonious source.

KERBEDANZ is dazzling... Aram Petrosyan, its Chief Design Officer, designs and creates luxuriant and sumptuous watches. Like this piece which, with a breath of pink Flemish wing, transports you to the heart of the most tender emotions.

A poetic universe of allegories

The KERBEDANZ brand loves cul- tural allusions that incline to the in- troduction in its timepieces of subliminal messages with plural reso- nances. Especially when these are full of poetry. Thus, the Hope from which this Esperanza takes its name is declined in a fantastic narration of Greek mythology: the gods sent to men the first human form of woman, Pandora... Natu- rally curious, this creature could not resist the temptation to open the lid of the jar (pi- thos) where all the evils of humanity were held. The last-these then escaped to sub- merge humanity. Frightened by her act, Pandora closed the lid just in time, prevent- ing Hope (Eperanza) from escaping at the last moment.