KERBEDANZ tunes its values to the Age of Discovery - Polvs Arcticus, Double Tourbillon GMT

KERBEDANZ tunes its values to the Age of Discovery - Polvs Arcticus, Double Tourbillon GMT

A singular novelty at Baselworld in 2016, the Polvs Arcticus, an exceptional timekeeper, is powered by a double tourbillon GMT caliber. Two miniature spheres celebrate the scientists and explorers of the past and offer a view of astronomy, maritime horizons and technical feats.

The Polvs Arcticus is a unique timepiece. By the same token, by recounting the origins of this model – a surprising and poetic one – KERBEDANZ, based in Neuchâtel, Switzerland, also reinforces its special position in the global environment of Swiss watchmaking.

Homage to the great maritime exploits KERBEDANZ has always been always enamored with collective symbols and has always found a way to slip them into each of its watches, turning them into initiation paths ideal for ultra- personalization. And now, the brand is taking its aficionados on a journey to the days of the great explorers. The Polvs Arcticus, a Latin name that reminds one of the makers of maritime instruments of old, does carry an emotional and artistic charge dedicated to the mythical days of global adventures. And once again, through references and discreet allusions, the brand goes beyond its motto "giving sense to beauty."

Miniaturizing and decorating

This watch's incredible feats of miniaturization turn it into a genuine work of art. At the micromechanical level, it represents a very thoroughly thought-out bit of chronometric science, because inside beats the double tourbillon GMT KRB-07 caliber. It's a manually-wound movement composed of 341 parts, conceived, manufactured and decorated by KERBEDANZ in collaboration with the watch movement maker Concepto. It boasts a northern and southern tourbillon with microscopic cages made up of 80 components each and covered by two hemispheres. The beauty of the finishing, particularly the beveling and the different polishes that master watchmakers are so fond of, can be admired through the sapphire crystal at the back of the pure 18-karat white-gold, 50 millimeter case. On the dial, the decorations and finishing includes motifs related to seafaring. One can make out the subtle contours of a navigation compass of an ancient galleon.

Technical hijinks: translucent 0.1 millimeter-thick enamel

The two hemispheres provide support for very meticulously worked reliefs. In fact – and this is an incredible technical prowess – the one covering the northern tourbillon is a mere 0.1 millimeters thick! The northern hemisphere of Earth seen from the pole emerges from a blue, translucent backdrop in grand feu enamel, with the visible parts of the continents carved out of gold. The total thickness, including the reliefs, does not surpass 0.3 millimeters.

On the southern hemisphere, we see an astrolabe made of pure gold and representing the celestial sphere. The key to this particular achievement lies in the faithful representation of the astrolabe, an ancient instrument that had a number of different functions, notably to determine precisely the time the sun would rise and set, or when a celestial body would pass over the meridian. These data were very handy for determining one’s position at sea. Ancient Greek navigators already knew how to use this instrument. Islamic scientists of the 15th and 16th centuries went on to perfect its functionality.

The language of symbols and knowledge

The company KERBEDANZ has become a key player in watchmaking a very short period. It is recognized by the most rarified circles of collectors and fans, whose knowledge radiates throughout the entire market. KERBEDANZ has a special name for its customers: MIP – Most Important Personalities – because they have so much power and influence. In the world of haute horlogerie, the company has a special place at the intersection of two crafts that are carried out with enormous skill to magnify a sheer bouquet of ultimate skills: mastery of the art of the purest Swiss watchmaking, quintessence of the crafts related to venerable family traditions of jewelry, like jewel setting, engraving, miniature sculpture and all forms of enameling.

Unique symbolic piece: the northern and southern poles by Kerbedanz

By Joel GrandjeanEditor in Chief
The Polvs Arcticus, equipped with a double tourbillon GMT caliber, reveals the amazing technical prowess of a tourbillon carriage covered with a half-sphere in...