Kerbedanz Maximus Royal, Diamond Rain On The World's Largest Tourbillon

Press Release

Kerbedanz Maximus Royal, Diamond Rain On The World's Largest Tourbillon

The first masterpiece of a micro-series of 14 unique timepieces, the Maximus Royal Tourbillon launched in Geneva seems to have been sculpted from a diamond block: 18.47 carats, 453 baguette-cut diamonds, invisibly setting. Soon, a gemstone festival!

With its 27 mm diameter cage, the Tourbillon of all superlatives is the largest in the world on a wristwatch. It is now available in a paved version, entirely diamond-covered. This Kerbedanz timepiece is the supreme embodiment of a Swiss watch brand of excellence whose destiny lies at the crossroads of the quintessential complication arts of traditional Swiss watchmaking, namely the absolute mastery of pure chronometry, and the age-old savoir-faire of a long jewellery family tradition.

"One of Fourteen", the multifaceted dimension of uniqueness

Exclusively on order, the 14 Maximus Royal Tourbillons to be made by Kerbedanz will each belong to a range of different coloured shininesses. Each piece will have a unique hue, subtle dosages of colours but, always, this common engraved inscription: "One of Fourteen".

Kerbedanz Maximus Royal Flying Tourbillon

Because, beyond the immaculate beauty of the timepiece all adorned with diamonds, there are all kinds of precious stones that can be set on a watch case. In the world of emerald, jade, ruby or aventu- rine, the most irresistible shades as well as all intensities of nu- ances are possible: chiaroscuro, gradations, concentrates, underlined marks, faceted cuts, reliefs and contrasts, cultivated symmetries, claimed and assumed asymmetries. Gem-setting is an art, it never stops surprising us.

Fusion of two myths, the arena and the watchmaking complication

In the 6th century BC, between Palatine and Aventine, the Etruscan king Tarquin the Elder built what is still today the largest vestige of all Roman antiquity in the field of chariot and horse racing. The Maxime Circus - Maximus in Latin and Italian. Long afterward, one of the greatest watchmakers of all time, the Neuchâtel native Abraham-Louis Bréguet (1747-1823), invented a mechanism that he called "Tourbillon". The aim was to place the regulating part of the watch inside a cage rotating on itself in order to compensate for the negative influences of gravity on the accuracy of a timepiece.

Kerbedanz Maximus Royal Flying Tourbillon

In 2017, the Kerbedanz brand, which is attracting the attention of more and more collectors and purists, unveiled Maximus, the wristwatch with the world's largest tourbillon with a 27 mm diameter cage, almost twice the model known until then to hold this size record. Above all, thanks to its mastery of the fundamentals of precision watchmaking, Kerbedanz produces an extremely precise watch, endowed with two patents, one of which concerns its original winding system. It is a toothed wheel to be operated on the back of the part.

Maximus, esthetics and nobility of materials

The beauty combined by KERBEDANZ in its world premiere Maximus, is full of aesthetic richness and watchmaking harmony made of ultimate care, of polished finishings, such as these hand made polished bevels, these stretching of the sides of the parts, these ring gears, these screws proposed in a polimirror finish. As for the versions of this exceptional watch, of- fered with the most advanced customizations, there is the nobility of the materials: white gold, yellow, pink, platinum, titanium. In complement to the all-black treatments with their seductive depths, the infinite range of colors specific to precious stones and their combinations is now available. The Maximus exemplifies, in the world of significant and unavoidable achievements, the bold pursuit of excellence in all its forms.