Kerbedanz Is Establishing Its Prestige On Geneva Rooftops

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Kerbedanz Is Establishing Its Prestige On Geneva Rooftops

The name of KERBEDANZ, holder of the record for the largest tourbillon with its Maximus timepiece, is still growing. Its banner now dominates one of the most prestigious tourist landscapes in the world, Geneva and its symbols.

Acknowledged by watch connoisseurs for the luxuriance of its jewelled dials and gem-set models as well as for its chronometric expertise, this very high watchmaking brand, which is familiar with time-honored complications, has its headquarters facing the Neuchâtel Lake, in a postcard decor.

Lake panoramas as image enhancers

Indeed, it is from rue Pury, in the city of Neuchâtel, Switzerland, that KERBEDANZ is pursuing its market conquests and combining the successes of its distinctive corporate identity made up of ultimate personalizations and of a host of symbols. One day in Los Angeles, the other at the Grand Prix of China, KERBEDANZ is thrilling the world's MIPs - Most Important Personnalities, a favourite acronym for the overused VIPs. Because it remains the only one to offer them timepieces synonymous with initiatory journeys punctuated by rare emotional impulses.

All of a sudden, KERBEDANZ reaches a prestigious milestone, that of erecting its emblem in one of the most sought-after and most photographed areas in the world, that of the Geneva bay which faces the jet d'eau fountain and which shapes the sparkling wonders of Calvin's city when night falls. And Geneva, in terms of global reputation, far exceeds that of Switzerland. Hence the presence in these privileged places of the most famous brands and logos embodying ultra luxe in all its expressions, watchmaker, jeweller or financial.... Locations that are synonymous with supreme status, because they symbolize a communicational presence to which very few companies are able to aspire.

KERBEDANZ, a poetic world of allegories

The KERBEDANZ brand is positioned at the crossroads of historic Swiss watch- making districts and a family tradition of jewelry manufacturing. She professes the cultural and ethnographic references that tend to introduce personal messages with plural resonances into her timepieces.

A prestigious step for Kerbedanz