KERBEDANZ Esperanza Classic transcends the blue of summer 2018

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KERBEDANZ Esperanza Classic transcends the blue of summer 2018

In kinship with the noble bloodline of the KERBEDANZ brand's watchmaking masterpieces for women, this incredible jewellery watch borrows its name from the Spanish language as well as the lascivious languors of its ecstatic deep blue.

It happens that "the most beautiful lake in the world", as the natives call Lake Neuchâtel, is covered with sparkling reflections and dazzling contrasts. It is then advisable to open your eyes and let yourself be splashed by the windy anointings of the lacustrine lapping. Anchored on the shores of this lake, Rue Pury, at the crossroads of Swiss watchmaking terroirs, the ultimate watch brand KERBEDANZ combines its unique creations or its ultralimited series with the delicious times of universal symbolisms. His existential maxim? "Symbols & Legends".

Fully paved with blue sapphires

With this Esperanza Classic covered with a material as precious as it is bewitching, with blue sapphire of a purity that is only matched by the perfection of its sizes, KERBEDANZ claims here the jewellery parts of its peculiar identity, which has the effect of somewhat blurring the cards. Indeed, isn't it also, with Maximus on its wrist, its largest tourbillon on the world cage diameter side, synonymous with ultra chronometry, micromechanical science and belonging to the very closed circle of the great master watchmakers overcoming the legendary complications?

There is this concentrated blue colour, the one that reminds us of the underwater depths. It is a colour that transcends you and wetters your soul. Its name is Esperanza Classic, it is the name of hope and of an ultra-limited series. Hope is an existential attitude that consists in considering the chance, or even the belief, in a better future for oneself or for others. This state of the spirit embodies unselfish optimism, that comes before the very first tremors of the relationship with spirituality.

A poetic universe of allegories

The KERBEDANZ brand loves cultural allusions that incline to the introduction in its timepieces of subliminal messages with plural resonances. Especially when these are full of poetry. Thus, the Hope from which this Esperanza takes its name is declined in a fantastic narration of Greek mythology: the gods sent to men the first human form of woman, Pandora... Naturally curious, this creature could not resist the temptation to open the lid of the jar (pithos) where all the evils of humanity were held. The lastthese then escaped to submerge humanity. Frightened by her act, Pandora closed the lid just in time, preventing Hope (Eperanza) from escaping at the last moment.

Loyal to the great traditions of goldsmithing

Among the fields of the high jewellery tradition, notably those of a founding family allied to the secular arts of goldsmithing, there are precious stones, there are diamonds. Thus, gem-setting arts and techniques are naturally added to the plural skills that contribute to the richness of this brand totally in harmony with the Haute Horlogerie dimension, such as guilloché, enamel, hand engravings as well as the reproduction of miniature painted patterns. Already, KERBEDANZ had been able to delight its MIPs - Most Important Personnalities, this is how the brand designates its customers as opposed to the galvaudage surrounding the word VIP -, as well as to ever more numerous collectors, with its "Tree of Life", its now mythical model entirely dedicated to the Emerald and the entanglements of branches symbolized by gold threads. These extraordinary customers, very often men, when they fall in love with a chronometrically complicated timepiece, do not hesitate to acquire for their partner, for the sake of a clear conscience, a sumptuous watch with the flavours of jewellery and inaccessibility...

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