The Champions Road, China Welcomes Kerbedanz

Press Release

The Champions Road, China Welcomes Kerbedanz

The ultimate watch brand KERBEDANZ is now firmly established in the world of motor racing. It is launching the China GT Championship, a timepiece that opens up the Chinese market and the world of car racing enthusiasts.

All of a sudden, Neuchâtel-based KERBEDANZ, a Swiss brand of watchmaking excellence, slips into pole position at one of the most promising events in motor racing. It becomes the official watch of the China GT Championship.

Micromechanical complicity between watchmaking and the automobile industry

The destinies of the world of automobiles and watchmakers have been intertwined ever since the car was invented. In terms of communication, the roads are therefore very congested because each Swiss watch brand has a dedicated chapter in its history, especially when it professes the micromechanical arts. The new mechanical model of the China GT Championship embodies KERBEDANZ's long- term presence in this field.

Familiar with unique pieces or ultra-limited numbered series, the KERBEDANZ watch brand has turned them into a major identity component. This distinctive watch brand targets MIPs, Most Important Personalities (a terminology that resists the widespread use of the word VIP). And in the leaders' world, in those who impact their time and their environment, passions for the automobile and watchmaking go hand in hand. Added to this is this inclination to the subtle, discreet and even extreme personalization that KERBEDANZ has made its own.

China roads and wide open spaces

As a watch brand symbol of the ultimate in luxury, located on the shores of Lake Neuchâtel, the KERBEDANZ brand is positioned at the crossroads of historic Swiss watchmaking districts and a family tradition of jewelry manufacturing. It professes the cultural and ethnographic references that tend to introduce personal messages with plural resonances into its timepieces. These are full of poetry, they are conjugated to the times of their wearer's experiences.

More and more desired in the world by aficionados of high-end complication watchmaking, thanks to its Maximus model, the world record for the largest tourbillon wristwatch, KERBEDANZ is unveiling on the Chinese market in a swirling cloud of adrenaline and circuit vapors. On the international level, it is joining the world of automotive and watchmaking enthusiasts.

China GT Championship

The China GT Championship is a national championship bringing together the world's leading automobile brands and is accredited by the Motor Sports and Motorcyclists Federation of the People's Republic of China (CAMF). It is a national level event whose upper class is open to GT3 cars. It allows three types of conduct: Pro/Am, Am/Am and a solo Am. It includes the title of driver champion and team champion in GT3, GTC and GT4 classes. Each car must have at least one driver with a Chinese racing license. When it was launched in 2016 with 28 cars on the race track, it attracted 325,000 spectators over four race weekends and achieved a total media value of over 100 million RMB.

Founder of Goldenport Motor Park, Mr. Jim YE (right), has acquired the rights to