The History of Kerbedanz


Guardian of a family tradition, Tigran Kerbedanz, president and founder of KERBEDANZ, exceeds the mere creation of a brand; by instituting his name in the original cradle of watchmaking excellence, pays tribute to his ancestor, respected blacksmith, renowned for his wonderful ability to shape the metal as well as his legendary generosity.

The fame of this craftsman, due to his love for well done work and quality of his soul, exceeded the borders of his region. The antique clocks he repaired increased his reputation.


Etymologically, the name "Kerbedanz" which means, "the heirs of Karabed", contains the meaning of Leader and Precursor. These predestined dimensions fit within the current vision of the brand.

These two qualifiers are perfectly suitable for KERBEDANZ brand: precursor in the concept and values attached to the product, but also a leader in the sense that its models, unique or in very limited editions, are reserved for an exclusive audience of renowned personalities, the same leaders and precursors in their respective activities.

KERBEDANZ is totally committed in the values of Swiss watchmaking craftsmanship of mechanical obedience and is a precursor in its concept that is to transcend the universal experiences and their immutable symbols.

Even in its graphic representation, the word KERBEDANZ reflects force and legitimacy, able to act with fantasy and inspires stability and reliability. An anchor form with curves reassuring and protective, points both the heaven and the earth by saying what is above is also on eart


The KERBEDANZ watches therefore have a dual heritage: the abilities and the centuries-old tradition of Swiss Haute Horlogerie and the ethical values that have accompanied a good and righteous man during his whole life, who was attached to the quality and accuracy of his work as well as to the respect of the rules of life.

KERBEDANZ intends to apply these ethical values in its product policy (design, construction, finishing), sales and distribution. Thus, the brand cultivates the quality and accuracy in the creation of his works of art, in the choice of materials used and in the perfectionist finishing of each piece - an ethical approach based on an unwavering respect in the relationship with the audience of connoisseurs who appreciate the value of a perfectly controlled structure.


The motto of KERBEDANZ is “Giving sense to beauty”. The brand goes back to the sources of civilizations and searches human values which have erected them, surrounded by the allegories or the mysteries of the symbolism.

These exceptional timepieces, ultimate micromechanical expression, are then transformed into broadcasters of universal knowledge of cultural, ethnic and historical references. Furthermore each creation is accompanied by a luxurious "Book of Birth" which tells the story in depth, with illustrations, of each legend, myth, allegory or symbol that have contributed to the inspiration for its design.

Evidently, the KERBEDANZ audience is in perfect osmosis with the civilization it contributes to shaping. Whatever the level of influence that it exerts, it recognizes itself in the dimensions of leader and precursor underlined in the origin of the brand name. It does not feel the need to show, rather transmit to the one who express sincere interest, the hidden reasons that give a profound relief to passing time, through his wrist.

KERBEDANZ talks to MIPs, these Most Important Personalities, who, due to their power and influence participate through their actions to the evolution of the world


To transcend its motto and to fulfil its mission, "Giving sense to beauty" KERBEDANZ relies on its family heritage of the most ancient traditions of high jewelry, to which were added the complete know-how of best Swiss watchmakers. Historically born of an exceptional mastery of iron and fine metals, today it moved to contemporary materials.